It’s not enough to go to the river with the intention to catch some fish.
You have to bring the net with you.
Chinese proverb

For many companies it has become the proper thing to publish an employee magazine. Employees do not only want to be kept updated, they also want to be entertained at a high level. Professional design, well investigated reports and vivid language guarantee the successful realisation of appealing employee magazines – and are the cornerstones of successful internal communication.

The identification of employees with the company they work for has become a necessity today. Many companies merge with others, grow quickly and act more and more at an international level. Thus it is important to frankly keep employees updated on their company’s politics in due time – that’s the only way to create an atmosphere based on mutual trust.

Wiley B2B and its international employees have the necessary feeling for professional competences to quickly and safely turn their employee magazine into a successful tool for corporate communication.

Employee magazines made by Wiley B2B are characterised by:

  • Informative, vivid texts
  • Appealing design
  • High target group relevance
  • Personal addressing
  • Continual distribution

We will support you in developing and realising your employee magazine.