An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America

We are also a powerful and creative partner in the field of mailing. Our knowledge, our many years of experience and our extensive database enable us to create unusual solutions and a precise selection of relevant target groups. You can leave all to us from the first idea via text and design down to a professional realisation.

We support you in the following areas:

  •     Direct, interactive dialogue with up to 500,000 readers
  •     Professional marketing consulting
  •     Individual dialogue marketing
  •     High-quality design
  •     Powerful lettershop

More than half a million personal and updated addresses are available to you for your marketing activities. As a serious specialised publisher we set a high value on not selling addresses.

For your mailing campaigns, comprising one or several stages, we offer extensive selection options:

  •     more than 100 industrial branches
  •     more than 40 professions
  •     more than 45 positions
  •     more than 200 fields of interest

With our professional lettershop we also take care of dispatching for you of course – reliably and quickly.

One, two or more stages? It’s up to you.