I don’t supply markets. I create them. Akio Morita, Founder of Sony

Online-Media are a superb supplement to the classic forms of communication. Wiley B2B realised this early on and has specialised in online media with a team of its own. We hold a leading position on the market with our consulting services and our professional products. No reason for us to rest on our laurels though – in fact, it urges us to become even better day by day. And to outdo ourselves a little bit.

Through the optimal cross-medial connection of print media and online solutions we will definitely reach your target groups. And you will doubly benefit. At the least.

The advantages of online media are clear:

  • Large range of coverage
  • Always up to date
  • Short response times
  • Measurable interactivity

Quick, uncomplicated and with a hotline to the leading companies from industry, economy and science. Our readers say: “Brilliant!”

We say: Typical Wiley.