The main characteristic of a problem to be solved is curiosity. Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist and astronomer

Journalistic curiosity and the definite urge to illustrate complex matters clearly and understandably have made us one of the most successful partners for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also for all related fields such as the food processing and plastic processing industries. Our sophisticated readers have been appreciating this for many years now and have clear expectations of us: up-to-date information straight from the horse’s mouth, at a high level – both editorial-wise and design-wise.

Our approach is simple and effective: interdisciplinary. We show the latest developments, trends and innovations from science, technology and economy. We are always one decisive step ahead through co-operating with specialised suppliers of equipment and systems as well as the leading service providers from different fields. We show you already today what will be important tomorrow.

That’s how our readers and customers benefit:

  • One step ahead in knowledge
  • High practical relevance
  • Latest news and information
  • High-quality design

In short, publications made by pros for pros: CHEManager, CHEManager International, CITplus, LVT Lebensmittel Industrie und ReinRaumTechnik.