The medicine of the 21st century uses methods from the 19th century. Tommy G. Thompson, US Secretary of Health and Human Services, 2005

Tight economic and regulatory guidelines, tough competition and the “new” demanding patient: the main actors of today’s health system are subject to pressures never known before. The media of Wiley B2B publishers show the way through the dynamics of basic conditions, management approaches and technologies – ending up in marketable and sustainably competent service performance.

Business economists and human resource people, doctors and nursing staff, heads of IT and technology departments, people in charge of pharmacies and labs and many other kinds of managers: These people are all involved in strategic decisions of the enterprise called “hospital”. Different from times past - department boundaries don’t mean much anymore; processes focus on the patient, aiming at optimising the deployment of expensive resources for the best possible outcome. Leading staff members are interested in the decisive facts, perspectives and best practices in all areas – presented in a language that can be easily understood.

All digital and printed publications of Wiley B2B meet these requirements exactly:

  • They are competent and convincing
  • They are the result of the dialogue with opinion leaders and leading representatives of the industry
  • They are easy to read and understand
  • They focus on the requirements of decision makers

M&K Management & Krankenhaus, its supplement M&K kompakt and medAmbiente prepare our readers to meet decisive changes across all departments.

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