Media and Markets

These days, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable, capable partner. With Wiley B2B publications, readers and customers are on the safe side, because when it comes to target group oriented cross-media communication, nothing else gives you that extra step ahead, or so quickly. For more than four decades now, we have been at the forefront of development.

Specialist expert-to-expert media
We have two things in common with our readers: we are demanding and we are selective. Our publications set the standard for quality of journalism and of presentation. Individual recipients are selected carefully according to their qualifications and their fields of interest. By this means we make certain of giving our readers exactly what they want: relevant, specialist information obtained directly from the expert source.

You can also benefit from our experts' know-how: as Wiley readers, you are always kept up with the latest achievements in research & development, you obtain insider knowledge of your field and you achieve valuable, practical tips for your day-to-day work.

Powerful media for successful marketing
Your target group's media patterns are constantly changing, so take advantage of the changes in consumers' media habits as the changes arise. You can reach your target groups accurately, confidently and effectively thanks to the solutions we prepare individually for you, and the channels that we provide for you to access them.  When it comes to passing information to decision-makers, generating leads, establishing positioning for brands, building up image, canvassing for new customers or developing new marketplaces – wherever the focal point for your marketing is located – our media consultants will work closely with you to establish the most efficient mix of communications for your campaign.

Why not exploit our experience to your advantage: our experience in the fields of print, online media, cross-media, corporate publishing, direct marketing and layout services.