Enthusiasm always wins and necessarily wins over the one who is not enthused. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, German philosopher and one of the most important representatives of idealism

Safety first. More than ever. Safety is the central topic for all economically thinking companies and institutions – but also in a private environment. The fields of safety and security are coming closer and closer together: People, values, objects and areas need to be protected from unforeseeable risks and against deliberate crimes.

We, as one of the leading specialised publishers, realised that early on. We have specialised on the different facets of security for many years now. Our experience, our holistic approach and the close co-operation with leading companies, experts and institutions have made the Wiley B2B publishers the market leader in terms of security.

We inform our readers about the really important developments and innovations – across trades and countries.

Top decision makers read our publications and refer to them when making decisions concerning security related investments. We investigate on innovations, process information in a way so that they can be easily read and understood. We investigate applications, are present on location, speak with the people involved in the projects to write specialised reports and articles for you in our typically well-done journalistic manner.

And all this in permanent categories:

  • Security management
  • Security
  • Fire protection
  • Information technology
  • Safety

With GIT SICHERHEIT, GIT Smart Home Security, GIT SECURITY and our annual GIT Special Issue PRO-4-PRO, Wiley B2B offers professional platforms to inform all the relevant target groups about the latest technologies. Competent and well structured – just the way you expect of us.

Contents: Security management, Alarm management, Fire protection, Building security, Hazardous material management, Identification, IT-security, Communication technology, Machine and plant security, Perimeter protection, Work security, Physical IT-security, Security services, Video monitoring, Access control, Time recording, Access, Access control