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With 20,000 copies and 6 issues per annum GIT SECURITY has the best market presence of all security magazines in the EMEA market. This European security publication that also addresses readers in the Middle East and Africa is the best communication channel to this key market.

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The high circulation numbers in combination with a superior level of editorial quality and a swiftly growing reputation are key assets of GIT SECURITY. The publication targets all channels of distribution, from manufacturers over all kind of distributors to endusers in key branches, but also consultants, specifiers and planners.

GIT SECURITY magazine is unique with its comprehensive approach to security and safety. The publication deals with the diversity and complexity of safety and security topics and covers them in the permanent sections: Management, Security, Information Technology, Fire Protection and Safety. It presents market news and trends and it features products, companies and applications to the decision makers.

Combined with GIT’s product database, GIT SECURITY offers a unique cross media opportunity, since every product presentation published in the magazine will be online at the same time.