Brief description
The process engineering magazine CITplus is the premiere magazine in the German-speaking region for comprehensive application and practice-related articles, documentaries, interviews and product presentations in the fi eld of process engineering, measurement and control technology and process control technology.

CITplus has the largest subscription circulation in its fi eld (more than 50 %). CITplus is read by over 20,000 qualifi ed executives, process and chemical engineers, investment decision-makers as well as designers, developers and plant engineers, who are known by name. According to a study by the Emnid Institute, CITplus has an average of 3.4 co-readers – more than 114,000 readers per issue.

As the official publication of VDI-GVC and DECHEMA, CITplus provides its readers with decisive and often exclusive (background) information for their day-to-day work. The editorial spectrum ranges from pumps, compressors and compressed air technology to filter and separation technology, mechanical process and bulk materials handling technology as well as software for processes and methods up to MSR and
automation technology.

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